Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mine {Ft Campbell Children's Photographer}

All mine... Well, I do share them with my husband (especially late at night when they are bouncing off the walls and my own battery has lost its charge hours previously.)

I got smart this year and did photos of my own children before I was in the middle of Fall madness. I even went easy on myself and made the goal individual shots. (Fewer outfits to coordinate with each other!) And, I took them out in shifts... the boys in the morning and the girls in the evening. (Fewer personalities to keep entertained at once!) This wisdom with age thing might actually be working for me. :)

These are my favorites... (the children and the photos.)

And as much as I would have loved a photo of my lovelies together in this lovely field, it was not happening...

...but should be good for a laugh in a few years.

If you want me to photograph your children this fall, call me now! I have ONE opening left and it's in October.

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