Monday, October 10, 2011

Hands, Hers and Mine

Raise Your Hands is this week's I Heart Faces theme. I took this photo of my daughter and I holding hands last week at the end of a photo session. Hands are so telling, so unique, and so individual. A mother's hands can be the source of comfort, encouragement, and love. I think that a child effortlessly memorizes her mama's hands. I could certainly recognize the hands of my sweet mom in an instant.

I hope my daughter will treasure this picture as much as I do.

More from this lovely day coming soon.

More hands images at I Heart Faces.


Tezzie said...

I love the PofV in this!!! It's a photo that tells a story...and the swirl of her pretty dress in the background is the perfect added touch :)

Red Chestnut Photography said...

This is such a sweet composition and moment you captured!

Team Lando said...

Love the perspective and the story.

Traveling Mama said...

this is so sweet! I love the movement!