Friday, April 16, 2010

Why I Do This {Fort Campbell, KY Family Photographer}

I think I am speaking for most photographers, and if not, then I will merely speak for myself. It is easy to get discouraged... to second guess my talent and skills... to wonder if the hours of study and practice are worth it. My experience with this family reminded me what an honor it is to be invited to capture realtionships for families other than my own. You know my tagline is "celebrating the beautiful things in life." It makes me so happy to partner with my clients and do just that. Sometimes seeing the blessings of family in black and white (or in this case, in color) really brings the meaning of life into perspective.

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Alesia O'Keefe said...

Clair, you have an amazing talent. As you know, these pictures brought me to tears. Seeing and feeling my family in print was just amazing. You did that. What a wonderful gift you have been given and I appreciate your willingness to share!